Clicking on Artist Now Plays The Current Song



The last 2 updates, when I click on the Artist of a song playing, it no longer takes you to the artist, but instead will start to play that song. It used to be you select the song title to play it locally, and you clicked on the Artist to go to the Artist. Can this be changed back?


This question should be moved to PlexWeb or PMP forum. Can you please let me know which one are you using so that I can move it ?


PlexWeb, I guess. I would think it was server and not client related. Thanks for moving it.


I agree with this OP. Everywhere you click, the thumbnail, the Artist name, the album title, or even the server owner’s name/avatar, attempt to play the track locally, rather than taking you to those places. The only exception is the ‘Stop Playback’ command, which does what it’s supposed to.


Just updated - no change.


Another update - no change.


Another update - no change.


Apologies for missing this, have raised an issue internally to track. Thanks!


Thank you. Just updated and still no change.


Just updated, no change.


It’s in our backlog and we hope to get around to it soon. I can’t promise exactly when though.


Thanks for the update.


2 more updates, no change.


Another update, no change.


It’s on our list and it’s honestly not our highest priority. The release notes will mention when it’s added. Thanks!


Thanks again for the update. Just updated tonight and it still is not fixed.


Just updated - still not fixed.


Actually, it is fixed. The web app was updated on

it will make its way to PMS in the future


Thanks, I see that. I typically run PMS so and as of today’s update, it is still not fixed. An ETA would be appreciated since I use this feature quite a bit.


Updated today and no change on PMS.