Combining Video Files



I use AnyDVD HD to rip discs to an image. I then use HandBrake to encode an .mp4 file from the image file. Because the Roku cannot play movies that are in multiple parts on multiple files I am running into issues with movies such as the Lord of the Rings extended trilogy, Casablana, Cleopatra etc. How can I create a single file from the two files that are encoded by HandBrake for two disc movies? I've done a fair amount of research. It seems like either AVIdemux or YAMB are the solution but I'm not having any luck. I'm certainly open to other programs that might help with this.


By the way, I'm using the HandBrake settings here to encode the .mp4 files. Therefore, the files all have multiple audio streams if that matters.


I don't know of a nice easy way to do it, maybe somebody else will chime in. The other two options I've used before are:

MKVmerge - You basically rip two separate MKVs, merge them, and then if you want to you can convert that to an MP4 using something like Handbrake.

FFmpeg - If you're comfortable from a command line, you can come up with a script to make FFmpeg do this for you. They put together everything you need to know in their FAQ. It's the same basic idea. You take your two original files, convert them to a format that supports simple joining, cat those together, then transcode that to whatever you were hoping to end up with.


I have a similar need. Wondering if there's anything new out there that may help. I do outdoor movies during the summer and I typically show a pre-show before the film: drive-in style ads and welcome videos (all mp4 or mov typically). Then I have the actual movie. I've been using two disc players, burning my pre-show onto DVD (480p limit boo) and then I play my Blu-ray for the film. But it means I have to switch inputs and can't really relax and take my seat with everyone else.

Ideally, I'd love to staple my pre-show to the film and have one giant video file, which Plex could play as a single "track" (so I don't get interruption and the player UI appearing at every "seam."

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!