Companion functionality on E series 2.007



Hi all - although likely that this can only be answered by @Orca

So I just side loaded 2.007 onto my HT-E5500. As I cannot log in I have manually connected it to my plexserver. I have the little icon showing its connected but none of my other clients see it? Does it have something to do with only the Samsung client not being logged in? As I don't have that issue with my other Samsung tv that can log in?

Thanks all


Yes , you need to be logged in with the pincode method so the app can communicate to the other clients.
Because the TV doesn't support the standard communication, these commands need to be relayed through a proxy.


So with my E series that I cannot get to log in I cannot make use of companion if I understand it but it can still play stuff. So technically it could take the commands.


E series is a 2012 model, do you have the latest firmware installed? It's a known issue.


No I haven't updated for various reasons and wasn't planning on doing so. I was just hoping one could enable companion even with a device that is not logged in. :) Thanks though