Compatibility issues with G-Sync Technology



Hello everyone

After noticing that no web browser seems to support 5.1 Surround Sound in the Plex Web app (if someone can help me with this please let me know) I downloaded the Windows 10 Store app. As usual, the app is great and runs smoothly like everything from Plex. However as soon as I put my video stream on full screen the video starts stuttering and it freezes my entire computer if I leave it like this for a few seconds. As soon as I put it in windowed mode again it works perfectly fine. After a bit of troubleshooting I detected my G-Sync setup as the source of the issue. G-Sync is a technology that synchronizes the refresh rate of your screen and your computer. This seems to cause the issue because I have the setting active, that G-Sync only is enabled when a game/app is in fullscreen mode. This matches with the error pattern. Also, when I disable G-Sync everything runs perfectly.
Of course it would be great if you could reproduce or fix this issue but I would also be very satisfied already with a workaround. I know I can make G-Sync exceptions for certain programs with the NVIDIAInspector but I wasn't able to do it for a Windows 10 app. Within the NVIDIAInspector I can add .exe files that get affected by the rules I set but when I add the "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\CAF9E577.Plex_3.2.20.0_x64__aam28m9va5cke\plex.exe" file then nothing changes. I'm really not sure If I got the right exe as I have now idea how Windows Store apps work.
Alternatively if someone could help me set up 5.1 audio in a web browser I would also be happy.
Thanks a lot in advance!



Exactly the same scenario here


Have you tried Plex Media Player instead of the UWP app? That should be able to do what you need.


open Nvidia control panel - Manage 3d settings - Program settings - add - plex - monitor technology - fixed refresh - vertical sync - off

that fixed the problem for me