Compatibility of Amazon Echo Dot



Hi, I want to convince my parents to buy the Amazon Echo Dot for me. But my parents want to know with which products are compatible in this device, because I want to build my one smart home for my flat. I found some compatible products under

However, I would be very grateful to you if you would help me with a complete list of compatible products as I have to convince my parents of the purchase.



Not sure what compatibility you are referring to.
Alexa does alot of things.
I use her exclusively in my smart home… for everything!
Fully automatic and voice enabled home.

Keep in mind that the device echo with the smart hub built in may not be what you are looking for(Other hardware has more device capability that will run locally… no internet). I use both so if the internet goes down my automation’s still run flawlessly.

I use echo dots everywhere for voice, but the smart home hubs I use is Samsung Smartthings, Logitech Harmony Hub and the Hubitat(moving stuff over as this runs locally)

Depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go.

For example I say “Alexa, Good morning” and she turns my lights on dim in the kitchen and hall, turns on the TV, sets the inputs, tunes to my news channel… all before I make it out of me room.

When I leave for work I say “Alexa time to go” and she turns all of the lights off, turns off the AVR and TV, Locks the doors, opens the garage door and sets the alarm 2 minutes after my phone leaves the network.


Amazon echo dot is really voice-controlled speaker. Using free Alexa app, you can do lots of things like getting update news, weather report, to do a shopping list and more. I have Amazon echo device and a compatible thing that I am using. Philips Hue lights are the best smart home lighting system. Using hue app, I create a smart home. Using voice commands turn on/off lights without lifting fingers. Most of the hue apps that help you to create a smart home automation. You can try this for your smart home.