Confused with Samsung 2016+




My setup is:
PMS with on Synology NAS
Samsung UE50KU6072 TV with Plex 3.0.6 (2.10.8) Note: "KU" means 2016
Echo Dot with Plex Skill enabled, Plex app running on TV and in Chrome, remote access is enabled.

The Getting Started with Alexa Voice Control page:
says that "Smart TVs (Samsung 2016+ models)" are supported, however Alexa lists and controls only my web player.

When the Plex skill was introduced Smart TVs (Samsung 2016+ models) were not listed as supported devices, now they are, but mine is not working.
Could anyone just give me a straight answer? My TV should or should not work with Alexa/Plex?



Anyone had any luck with getting this to work. I am having same problem where alexa cannot find plex on samsung tv.


It depends on the model of your Samsung TV, if it’s pre-2017 chances are, it won’t work.

I ended up adding a Nvidia Shield (and a Harmony Hub) to my setup and now I’m able to control Plex on the Shield with Alexa – the only downside is that you have to browse one more forum if you bump into problems with the Shield, which is far from perfect.