Considering Migrating from Windows and Netgear NAS....Questions



Hello everyone,
I have been using Plex server on my Windows PC for a number of years now. I currently have a Netgear NAS RN214 box with my 8TB or so of media. This box currently houses 4 x 3TB WD Red drives in JBOD as I have an external backup on them that runs weekly and unlimited cloud backup as well. Not worried about redundancy.

My server is just a Windows 10 based machine with a 6 core AMD, 32GB Ram, etc. This machine of course does the transcoding, etc.

I have been thinking of removing these two items from my system and going with a dedicated server for a few reasons including that I am about at my limit of transcodes. I feel I have added a few too many outside friends that can watch my media and at times it becomes an issue with transcoding.

My thought is to build a dedicated server with only FreeNAS on it, bump up to an 8 core processor, 16GB ECC memory, etc and move all of the data over to that once I teach myself how to use FreeNAS. I realize all of my drives will be wiped out initially and the setup of shares and all that will be tricky, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

Those that have done this or have any expertise, do you see issue with or have any suggestions about this? I feel that i have finally outgrown the more basic setup of an out of the box NAS and need to venture into a more manageable setup that will expand my options a bit.

Thank you in advance.


@trent2000ta FreeNAS is a great applianceOS, and your use case it seems to make sense. Hopefully you've at least dabbled in *nix-type systems- working from the command line gives you a bit more power, and if you spend some time in this subforum, you'll see that a lot of people ask questions that can be best answered through an understanding of *nix systems (things like command line, permissions, etc). I'm not sure if the Netgear NAS works through a GUI, command line, or both, but I wanted to throw that out there.

Personally, the reason why FreeNAS is so appealing is due to ZFS, so if you're going to make the decision to go the FreeNAS route, make sure you take the time to understand the benefits of ZFS, and how best to use it. Understand the "lingo," ie. the difference between a pool, vdev, and a zvol, or how datasets are different than folders, how jails work, etc. Read up on what scrubs do, and why they're important, etc. Get the "storage system" side of FreeNAS set up exactly how you want it before you commit to building the "appliance/program" side of FreeNAS.

Lastly, ask questions. This forum and Reddit are pretty friendly, and the FreeNAS forums themselves have been coming around :)


Great thank you :) I don't have much experience with it yet, but I'm sure I can walk my way through it and have watched a ton of YouTube videos and read a lot of articles thus far. I plan on building one with just one or two smaller drives first and make my mistakes there and see how that goes before committing to the full big one :)

Thanks again