Constant Network error occurred message after years of no issues



I am running PMS on Samsung PS60F5500 from my pc using virgin superhub3 on a wired connection using cat6 cable. All of sudden after literally years of seamless useable, and since a recent windows 10 update I’m getting frequent network error occurred messages and Plex becomes unresponsive.

It seems to be getting worse and crashing every few minutes.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled apps on pc and tv, unplugged tv, rebooted router, restarted pc, but problem persists!?

Any advice before I cancel my Plex pass and move to a different media server PLEASE! I love Plex but can’t stand much more


HI, sorry no answer here.
But I’ve got the same issue.
TV UE48H6400
No plex pass
Win10 Update recently
“A network error occured” each time I try to launch a file.
Navigation into plex cause no pb though.


If the navigation works, that means the app can access the Plex data.
If you get an issue whenever you select something to play, the problem is probably that you moved/renamed the source files.
So the database has file a listed on location b, but you moved it to c. When the app tries to find the file on location b it can’t find it.


  • If the library moved (like from Volume1 to Volume2) > update the library source folders.
  • If you renamed some folders or files > run the library scan again.from Plex web.


I’m getting the same Network error. The files would play for about 2 minutes and then time out.
Samsung Smart TV UN48JU6000.