Continuous disk write (after 60 sec) even using Direct Play



I have a setup with a DS918+ with 4 hard drives in a BTRFS/SHR2 configuration in my living room just below my television. Whenever I start an episode of a show, after exactly 60 seconds the hard drives start to make noise as if they’re reading and/or write data. This comes and goes in intervals of about 1 second. This is particularly annoying in low audio scences since the DS918+ is close to my television, but I would really like to keep it there.

I analyzed the situation and found out that Plex is apparantly WRITING data (see screenshot), even though I’m using Direct Play and disabled all logging. I tried some other shows and episodes but symptoms are always the same.

Does someone have an idea why Plex is almost continously writing data to my hard drives in Direct Play mode?

Regards, Jasper

  1. PMS must read the file you’re playing in order to send to you.
  2. PMS maintains a log file (write)


You will also find that with BTRFS your drives will be much more active since that file system mirrors the data stored on the drives.