Controlling music quality in Plex Web App



I have a good amount of FLAC content in my library. As it stands right now, if I attempt to play that back in the Plex Web App, it stops to buffer often. It's my understanding that the Plex Web app detects that Chrome/Chromium supports FLAC and chooses to direct stream that file instead of transcoding it. Is there a way for me to force the playback of music in Plex Web to always be transcoded? The quality settings under Settings -> Web -> Player seem to be for video, not music, so I'm curious.


I have exactly the same issue. I have to switch to Safari at work because it doesn't support FLAC and subsequently has to transcode.

So +1 for having a dedicated option to force transcode and a quality setting for music like the one on iOS app!


+1 Same problem... With EDGE and Chrome... Driving me crazy.


It would be a great feature !


Testing the Plex Pass Beta feature auto quality...


Doesn't work ... Still wants to direct play.