Controls don't disappear on fullscreen on webplayer..



Hi there, since a while the controls don't disappear on the webplayer.. unless you click on a button, then it disappears..


Hey! Clicking on play/pause DOES force the OSC to hide.

This is annoying and started with the new update. For the record, i had a similar issue with Sling's app where the OSC would keep popping back up in full screen only because i had my text size at 125-150% (windows htpc outputting to a TV). I think it had to do with the size forcing control elements off the screen or something causing it to trigger the unhide. Changing that to stock didn't seem to resolve this issue though.


added a log. played video in windows 8.1, Chrome/60.0.3112.90, clicked fullscreen, waited and nothing happened. clicked play/pause and waited and OSC autohid with cursor.


Thought i added the log. can't edit or delete earlier posts :-/


That's what I do indeed. I can live with that while waiting for the next update..


This same thing is happening on macOS. (I'm on macOS 10.13 Beta).

It was SUPER annoying how the controls wouldn't go away, but thanks for this post, because hitting the Play/Pause button to, well, play then pause (And it only works when you use the Play/Pause button on the bottom Control Frame, and not just clicking the play window) causes the controls to go away.