Cortana Guide



With the release of the UWP application one of the cool new features is an integration with Cortana in Windows 10. Right now we have a few basic commands you can use to initialize playback and we're hard at work broadening the supported functionality. This guide will serve to document supported functionality while we work to write more formal documentation in our support pages. This post should not be considered a roadmap for future development. We've got lots of cool ideas but right now we're focused on polishing the existing feature set.

Command examples


Please note unless otherwise noted commands must be formatted as per the examples below. Uttering Play The Force Awakens on Plex is not yet supported. We're working on it but our algorithm isn't ready for release.

  • Play the episode Diversity Day on Plex
  • Play the album Escape on Plex
  • Play the artist Journey on Plex
  • Play the song Don't stop believin' on Plex
  • Play the show The Office on Plex
  • Play the movie The Force Awakens on Plex
  • Play my Classic Movies library on Plex
  • Play the playlist Top Hits on Plex
  • etc.

The Play directive can be replaced with Shuffle to achieve shuffling functionality.

Supported media types for this command are currently:
* movie
* film
* show
* tv show
* episode
* album
* artist
* track
* song

We'll be adding additional functionality in future updates. Please report any bugs!


Updated to reflect the addition of library and playlist support.