Could we get a separate video setting for Live TV?



Currently there are settings for Local Quality, Remote Quality, and Online Quality.

Here's the thing:

With the Roku, virtually all of my media can Direct Play. It doesn't matter what the resolution/bitrate is, it will all play natively without any transcoding. In fact, one of my main goals with media files is to avoid transcoding and get everything to Direct Play.

As such, I have the Local Quality set to Original. The works great for the media files.

However, now that Live TV has become a thing, I'm using it more and more. The difference of course is that these live streams do not Direct Play. Most streams play nicely with my Original setting for Local Quality. Unfortunately some of them do not ... particularly certain 1080p streams. When I get one of those, it will mostly play but will frequently buffer and restart.

In my testing, I have found that the buffering on these is much improved if I change the Local Quality from Original down to like 8 Mpbs 1080p.

So I have a dilemma. If I set Local Quality to 8 Mpbs 1080p, it will force many of the media files to transcode. If I leave it set at Original, I get lots of buffering.

Seems that the best option here would be one of the following feature enhancements:

1) Have a separate setting for Live TV.
2) Have a "fallback" setting that the Local Quality will use if (and only if) Direct Play fails.

Please let me know if this is a feasible request and if there is any clarification that I can provide. I am a lifetime Plex Pass subscriber if that gives any additional weight to my request. :)