Couple of questions




I am running PlexKodiConnect on a chromebox (libreelec).

1.Would there be any problems running this and PKC on the same machine, want to be able to test it out before deciding anything and this looks way easier for the wife to use.

2.For Tv Shows is there a way to go to the next episode (not while playing but the next time i go to that tv show).

This app looks great and is really fast on the chromebox...very impressive


  1. Since PKC uses a not approved way of accessing the DB which Kodi advises against, we won't spend time trying to get them to play nice together. But they should work fine side by side.

  2. In all Plex clients including this one, after you finish a show, the next show should appear in 'on deck' once available.

Thanks for the kind words!


Ok great