Cover Art Not Displaying



I have a folder on Plex that contains exercise videos. When I display that folder using the Plex Media Server App running on my Synology through my computer's web browser, cover art (that I have attached manually) displays correctly for each video. When I view that folder using the Plex App on Roku, none of the videos display cover artwork. Most of my other folders (e.g. Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos) display artwork correctly on the Roku, but at least one other folder acts like the exercise folder.
The Plex server on my Synology is Version, and it shows a Web Version of 2.5.6. My Roku App is Version 4.0 Build 9.
What's going on, and what can I do to fix it?


Could that cover art be in a format that is not supported by the Roku? Roku supports JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated).


Thanks for the response, but that's not the problem. The cover art is jpg or png. It has displayed on the ROKU fine for the last couple of years until a recent Plex update broke it. Is anyone from Plex monitoring these posts, or are we supposed to work out our problems on our own?


I'm having the same problem with some album covers. My experience with posting problems to the forums is that one of two things will happen: you will get no response from Plex devs whatsoever or you will get a response asking for copies of a bunch of logs and then you will hear nothing afterwards. Plex devs are not responsive to issues that customers bring up and are frequently defensive or insulting when customers have issues.


When I view that folder using the Plex App on Roku, none of the videos display cover artwork. Most of my other folders (e.g. Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos) display artwork correctly on the Roku, but at least one other folder acts like the exercise folder.

Am I reading that right - some of the library's do show posters, but it's failing for a specific library? It could be related to this thread Possible the transcode cache is corrupt for the specific library. You can try removing the cache folder to see if that corrects it? You can find the cache folder here:

If this doesn't correct it, would you be able to share the specific library section with me, ljunkie, which would allow us to debug the issue remotely.


Thanks for the replies. Yes, you're reading it correctly. Some of my libraries show cover art correctly, and others do not. Before I delete the cache folder, I want to know more about what happens then. I've spent dozens of hours over the years supplying cover art for unusual or foreign films, and I don't want to have to do all that over again. What will happen to the cover art that I've supplied to all those films and shows?


I figured it out! The two libraries that weren't displaying cover art on my ROKU were set up as Home Videos. I did that intentionally, because the two categories (exercise videos and knitting videos) never were accurately identified with the databases that PLEX uses. I recreated these libraries as Videos, and the cover art now displays properly. I still view this as a defect in the Plex ROKU App, because the cover art always displayed fine on my computer when I viewed the Plex Server running on my Synology Diskstation, and it also displayed fine on all our iPhones and iPads. Strangely enough, the Plex ROKU App refused to display the cover art in the initial view of the libraries, and also in the Browse All views of the libraries, but when I selected an individual video, the picture in the upper left corner was a wide-screen representation of the center third of the DVD box picture that I had provided as cover art. By the way, when you delete a library and recreate that library in Plex, it throws away all the customization you had done in the deleted library. Be sure you keep a folder for all the cover art you have to feed manually to Plex, so you can recreate a library if it ever becomes necessary.


@phsmyplex - while I do like the new interfaces that Plex has implemented, you have stumbled upon one of my major annoyances. Back in the day (like 2 years ago) it was recommended by everyone here on the forums to use a home video library for anything that didn't really fit a library category. Music videos was one of them. I created posters for each music video and now they just don't work in the plex apps. I also did the same for my home videos - just because I could - and now I get just 1/3 of my posters. Looks good on Plex web, not so much on just about everything else.

Maybe, we need a way to indicate to the server that this is a "Home Video" library, but display the artwork as posters, not snapshots of the video itself. It also annoys me that new music videos show up on the home screen as recently added "Home Videos" with the ugly poster. They aren't home videos, they are un-categorized videos that don't really fit anywhere.

To complicate things, if you change the poster to a "landscape" poster so it looks nice on the apps, it shows up incorrectly on Plex web. It's a lose - lose situation, because it's not the same no matter what you do

LOL - not the end of the world, bit something that maybe needs some tweaking from the developers side.


Same problem here, and I wish the team would add support for this.


I am having same problem with Roku2 and PMS Version: 11204829. Current version still works for my Samsung TV Plex client.
Roku Plex client used to work with 2mos older PMS version not anymore. Media content has not changed its same old content.