Cover Art on DLNA (Sony Bravia KDL-49WE755)



Created custom DLNA profile for my TV (working on linux with opera tv / vewd store).

Seem to work-good, but i have an issue with cover arts: they are not taken from library, tv is trying to DirectPlay all films and take 1st frame as a cover.

No posible solutions found yet, i have tested all Sony Bravia profiles 2010-2014.

My custom profile and Plex DLNA Server.log attached below.


I have a 2016 Bravia which works great with the “generic” DLNA profile – direct play for nearly all formats/codecs and posters are properly displayed.


Also tested Generic profile. DLNA works faster and better, but still no Cover Art(


does your DLNA client generally show posters?


@tom80H said:
does your DLNA client generally show posters?

Yep. Tested on Asset UPnP (based on same source as Plex) on music section. Even there Plex shows nothing.