Crash when looping music




I've encountered a problem with the Windows store app crashing when I play music, specifically when looping. It is pretty easy to reproduce at least on my setup.

Steps to reproduce:
* Open the app
* Log in (I am admin, if it makes a difference)
* Start playing a song
* Press the repeat button until the single track loop is selected (icon with a '1' in the corner)
* Minimize the window
* Wait about 10 seconds (definitely less than 30)

Since I've never had a problem with Plex before, I don't know if there are any logs that I should be posting?

I am using Windows 10 on a desktop PC.

Any solutions or workarounds would be appreciated.


Disappointed this hasn't had an official response in two months (should be a simple fix) but here is a workaround for anyone else having the issue:

Keeping the player open (but behind other windows) doesn't cause the crash. It's only if you minimize the window.


Don't minimize the window, or change your displays zoom from 150 to something else...