Crashes when minimized



I've got the Plex app version 3.2.20-25990c77 (5/10/2017) running on my old Surface 2 and it crashes every time I minimize the window. Is this a known bug?


This has been reported by quite a few people here on the forum. Unfortunately we’re currently unsure if this app is still supported so no official word on if/when this will be addressed.


Ok, it’s that bad?

What’s up with plex?


Plex as a whole is fine and well. The potential issue exists with the Windows Store App. The current state of the app is uncertain (as its main purpose was to support those running Windows Mobile, and Windows Mobile is now as good as unsupported by Microsoft).

There are a few other options for Windows-based PC’s that may allow you to continue using Plex. Plex Media Player (PMP) offers both the Web Client and a full-screen 10-foot-UI (which can be toggled between at will). There’s also the Plex Labs project PlexAmp which is a great desktop music player that uses your existing Plex libraries. Alternatively if you don’t want to install anything there’s always the Web Client either at your server’s IP over HTTP, or at