Daemonize OSX app?




I recently purchased a lifetime subscription to plex. Consider this to be a feature request.

Please make it possible to run the plex app as a daemon on macOS. I don't want to have to log in a user to get my plex server up and running. The only reason it can't be a daemon today (as far as I can tell) is the item that's created when the app is run (this requires the OS X UI to be up and running, which it is not when a daemon process runs). As far as the server is concerned, I don't care about the menu item. I just want it running when I boot my machine.

Thanks so much for the great product!! If the server is runnable as a daemon, it'd be perfect.

  • Mike.


Mike, I agree 100%.

My work-around is to run Plex from a non-privelged account the has auto log-in on reboot. I set Plex as a log-in item and I also set a simple script to run on login that sleeps for about 5 seconds then locks the screen. I don't pay for Plex Pass to I can't complain too much.


I actually do the same thing. But I shouldn't have to :-/


I find it quite ridiculous that the dev team has in several years now not responded with an answer as to why Plex cannot be run as a daemon. After all.... given what Plex does - I'd argue that it SHOULD be run as a daemon regardless of whether a user is logged in or not. After all, it is a service - not a desktop app - thus it should not require a macOS UI whatsoever.

Any chance we could have some feedback about this devs?


LOL. Feedback from the devs about making Plex behavior like a proper server. Next you'll be expecting those master security token you passed around in unencrypted connections on foreign WiFi networks for years to expire eventually.