Dashbaord not loading and unable to play content in library or delete library




Last night I was watching a something on Plex. Once I finished I noticed the dashboard on my Roku wasn’t loading, only showing my library options. I went to the computer and logged in. Once again the dashboard wouldn’t load. Of my three libraries, I can still play content in 2 of them. One of them is unable to play any content and won’t go further then the thumbnails view without an error. I created a duplicate library to see if there was an issue with the first. Duplicate library ran fine, no issues. I then tried to delete the old library and it says complete but doesn’t remove it or the content. I have done the optimize database and also repair database guides. Right now I am lost on what to do to resolve the issue.

Any help, guidance, or anything is vastly appreciated.


Also, running unraid 6.5.2-rc2