Database Corruption on NightHawk x10



Hello Everyone, I am a longtime plex pass holder but this is my first time posting! I recently purchased the x10 as I loved the idea of not having to have a computer on 24/7. I have unfortunately run into issues where my my database keeps getting corrupted every 2-3 days. I have tried two different external hard drives even formatting them differently(NTFS vs HFS+). The current drive connected is a Lacie d2 Quadro 3TB formatted NTFS. It actually has lasted the longest at almost a week before the database corrupted. The only option I have is to rebuild the database which is quite a hassle because I have quite a big library. I know how to access the server logs on a computer but cannot figure out how to retrieve them on the x10. The x10 is on version and the plex is version If anyone is or had the same issues I would greatly appreciate the help!


Repair a Corrupt Database