DD+ over DLNA on a Samsung TV not working



hi there,

i was wondering if anyone has a similar issue. i am using a wd my cloud home with a plex server ( i stream over dlna to a pretty old samsung ue46es7080 (european 2012 model). the reason i use dlna and not the smart tv's own plex app is that the app is pretty old and ugly. the whole dlna workflow seems much saver and better integrated into the tv's os.

so everything works fine with movies that have dolby digital (ac3) or dts audio tracks. i can even pass those through without any problem. however i can't play back movies or tv shows that have a dolby digital plus (eac3) audio track. the tv just displays "media currently not playable". that's pretty weird because my tv actually supports dd+, even over usb and with my previous dlna server (twonky) this was no problem at all. so my conclusion is that the dlna profile for my tv is somehow not correct. is there a way to fix this? unfortunately i don't have access to the filesystem on the mycloud so i'm unable to manually alter dlna profiles ...

thanks for your help!


How many audio channels are in the EAC3 stream? 5.1 or more?

Have you activated debug logging on your server?
Do it, then restart Plex Server.

Start playback on your tv, abort it after a minute or so. Take a look at the watch.
Stop plex server and take a look at the Plex DLNA Server.log file
at around the time when you started playback, you’ll see a line similar to
Mapped client to generic profile: Host:; User-Agent: VLC/2.2.6 LibVLC/2.2.6...
the most interesting thing would be what stands there instead of generic

this then allows you to identify which hardware profile is used for your client.

Chances are that ‘eac3’ is missing from the current profile, so that plex server is trying to transcode the video.
And since your server’s cpu is not able to do that, playback will fail.

But with the knowledge of the hardware profile, you can try to append the ‘eac3’ format to the list of supported formats.