DEB-based repository is not up to date



Plex download page shows as latest public version from June 6, 2018
If I run sudo apt-get update && apt-cache madison plexmediaserver it shows as latest version

plexmediaserver | | public/main amd64 Packages

The server is configured as shown in the support article.

I saw in an old question this has happened before, and required a large hammer to fix...?


Everything is correct on your side. Please be patient. It’s just a small server “hickup”. Just install the package manually if you need the update NOW, e.g. sudo dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.13.2.5142-3ba6662e9_amd64.deb.


We might have to wait until Monday for the CI team to fix it. I don’t have access to those systems.
If you want, it is available from


Was this fixed?
I’m still having the same issue.


The warning exists. When we finish updating the CI, the repository warning will go away (which i’m working on right now). I am also on the CI team.

The correct entry in the sources.list file should be public main. ./public main will result in an error