Debian apt-get



Hi guys,

This article seems to be outdated for Debian.
I’m getting a 404 on The requested URL returned error: 404

or The requested URL returned error: 404

My debian version is 7.11. I have apt-transport-https installed.

Hitting any of the above urls or abbreviations of the urls in a browser leaves me with:

Did the directory move?

Thanks guys!


No. Nothing moved. apt was apparently updated. Does 1.5 sound familiar? I don't follow debian distros but there are a few threads we looked at it and the root cause was the apt version


Thanks for the quick reply.
My apt version is

apt 1.5 is part of the latest testing and unstable versions

If 1.5 is an issue I should be fine with my oldoldstable build - unless you guys don't support my version anymore



Could it be that the minimum supported Debian OS is 8+ for the latest PMS?



That's also true. PMS, as shipped, will not start on Debian 7. Debian 7 is init based. Debian 8+ are systemd based, which is supported at that level.