Delete synced content from iOS



I just updated my old MacBook Pro to an SSD (amazing speed improvements FYI) and subsequently lost my Travel Plex library. Now I have set up the new server and synced content to the iPad. Now I have synced content from the old server AND the new server on the iPad. In the old version of the app it was easy to remove synced content on the device itself. I cannot, however, work out how to do it on the new app.
Can anyone point me to a procedure? I want to be able to clear the old synced content in preference for the new. Note I no longer have access to the old server...


The only way I’ve found to do it with the new IOS app is to select the library on the server instead of the device, find the item you want to delete, click the sync button. Since you’ve already synced it, you’ll be given the option to delete it from the device instead.

I can’t find a way to see all the synced items at one and manage them like in the old version.