Deleting Synced Content on Android



I found a long post on the iOS forum. Could not find one for Android. Looks like Plex has a bug when deleting synced items. It does not clear it from my Android devices. Is there a fix for this? Does anyone else experience this?


Same here - I can't delete my synced content - how do I fix this?


Same here I get the ""User null has synced content on this device. That content must be deleted before you can sync with your current account."

I have confirmed and refreshed the sync and it states that there is no synced items for the current user.


Same here.... It's been 5 months since the original question was asked.


Still happening.

This happened to me twice today.

It seems the issue is that the internal sync db on the app gets corrupted anytime anything gets deleted.

I first got it when I switched sync from my internal to the memory card and it initially prompted me that it was deleting the contents. Well, wipe app data was the only solution to cleaning that up (oh, and then you have to go and switch to sd card storage AGAIN or else you just got yourself in the very mess you were trying to clean up).

Then I got it today. Downloads were going fine, if slow (the network source was horrible, public restaurant wifi). After 3/4ths of the queue was done, i decided to cancel the rest by hitting the delete key on the remaining show.

ALL downloads 'disappeared', and it again told me "user null". 2 hours of cpu time at home transcoding and waiting, completely wasted, as nothing existed but "user null had synced content".

So no, this is NOT solved per what was described on another thread. Very much a still alive problem.


Same here....
Except the playlists are still there locally, just not considered to be sync'd content, I therefore now have 2 x sets of playlists


Same here. Have had this problem for a long time and gave up on trying to delete the content.

Under the Sync option, nothing is there. However, when I select my mobile device (local and synced content), there is media and it plays (with mobile data and wifi turned off).

So there is working content on my mobile Android device, but under the Sync option, it is empty and prevents me from deleting synced content.


Same problem.


New Plex Pass member because i wanted to be able to sync movies to my Android Tablet (which works). The problem comes when trying to delete a synced movie. It is removed from the synced status page, but still shows up in the library. The only way to remove seems to be to wipe ALL synced content and start over.


I have the same problem - item is listed under "local and synced content" but not on the sync status page on the app nor on the server.

Anyone found a solution? I don't even know how to delete all synced content!


Yes! I have the same issue. I have over 5GB of files hidden on my phone that I can't find.

I removed my sync and readded it and all the files were deleted and re-synced.


Same issue here, looks like there's no easy solution?