Device Home Screen and Plex artwork when selecting 'Recommended for you' items?



Not something that really bothers me but just intrigued as to what's happened.

I have Plex players on both my Shield TV and a Mi Box 3. Up until recently, with the Mi Box, as you ran the 'selection box' over the various recommendations at the top of the home screen the entire backdrop / artwork would change to reflect, in the case of Plex items, the artwork that you had put in as a poster / banner in your library.

Recently though I used a VPN on that device to connect to a service and it seems that since doing this the Plex artwork (only) no longer shows as a backdrop when selecting Plex suggestions. Anything from Google Movies or other internet (e.g. not local server based) services will correctly display the artwork for that item as a home screen backdrop, just not Plex?

It's not a big deal, something I can live with for sure but the home screen sure looked better when it changed to the movie / TV show banner as you run the selector over it rather than just a washed out almost blank screen. Trouble is I can't figure what's caused it or what I might need to do either at the server or player level to bring those images back, it's almost as if using the VPN has broken a link and is stopping something from getting through.

Any ideas??