Did Plex Just Stopped Working Altogether In The Last Few Days???



So, I'm a Plex Pass member with Plex Media Server installed on my Nvidia Shield, and Plex Media Player on my Apple TV and app on my iPhone 7 and the plex web app, all worked very good until yesterday, I cannot play anything on my Apple TV, iphone, Plex app and I received this message "Playback terminated by server conversion failed a required codec could not be found or failed to install"
this was the first issue.
Today, I can see all my files list but cannot play anything. from every player it will only load a partial library. Some cover images some not, super random and it just says loading.
I can get movies to play direct from the Shield, but maybe 20% of my 600+ movies are showing cover images.

As of now when I log on to the web app it says it can not connect to my server. "There was an unexpected error loading this library
Please visit our forums if you continue to experience problems"

So here i am in the forum searching and not seeing anything helpful.

I disconnected and reconnected the library, made sure all of my plex apps are running the latest updates, reset the Shield and still nothing.

Should I just delete the server and start over again.

I would like to add that if you ask me to run logs and fun stuff like that you have me lost. I thought I was getting a simple user friendly solution that worked. so far it 60% of the time it has worked every time!!



Have u tried to Optimize the Database? http://prntscr.com/fza964


running it now!!


"there was a problem preparing for optimization. try again" :(


Is your Shield the "Pro" model with 500 gb or is it the little one with only 16 gb. If it is the little one you could easily be running out of memory.


Thanks yeah it's the 16g and I upgraded it to 128gb of internal so thought that would solve it. Guess I need to go buy a new pro 500 or a better option for a server


At this time it's not possible to migrate the Plex data directory to adopted storage, so you are limited to whatever the available space is on your Shield TV's internal 16GB drive. If you have chapter thumbnails and video previews enabled, you can save a lot of space by disabling those options.