Different paths



I set up my Plex on my PC first, but now I managed to run it on my Synology (DS2413+ with DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 6).

I didn't want to redo all of my movies and series of course, as it took me several days to do so, and I just don't want to go through the whole process again. As you cannot sync both, which is still very unfortunate in my opinion, I just copied the files over.

The Media folder, and the Metadata folder, copied from local PC to NAS.

But it's not showing up when I start it, and I guess it's simply because the PC uses different paths, like z:\multimedia\movies..., and the NAS uses the \volume1\multimedia\movies... path.

I found the db files under Databases (of course), opened them, and can see that inside it shows for all my movies and series the z:\multimedia path, so I wonder if it will work if I copy the db files from the PC over to the Databases folder on the NAS, and just replace the paths to the correct ones starting with \volume1\multimedia.

Also noticed that on the PC it uses \ as opposed to the NAS which uses /, so I might have to change those too.

Would that work?



See Q25 on the Synology FAQ's page, link in my signature.

That shows how to migrate your Windows install of PMS to the NAS. If done correctly, you can run both installs of PMS simultaneously without any issues.


Ok, will do. Sorry I didn't read further, as I read indeed your very helpful and helping FAQ, but I only read it until Q24, the one with iTunes, my bad, sorry, should have read further ;)


Btw, tried that now, and it seems to work fine, awesome, days, perhaps weeks of hard work saved, thanks again.

Btw, I remember seeing the plexmediaserver.pid file, although I can't locate it anymore?


The plexmediaserver.pid file is created and then deleted, it is a temporary file. Sometimes you will see it and sometimes you wont.