Direct access failing after update



I occasionally get a message saying that I can't directly access my server and that Plex will use the relay. Is there a way to tell in the new layout which servers are accessible?

Additionally, before the 7.0 update, I was able to access the server directly. What would have changed that causes it to now be inaccessible?


I am still able to directly access my server via the web with no issue.


I have this same issue, Galaxy S8, Android 8.0.0. If I uninstall the app and reinstall from Google Play, it works once. The next time I use it, same error. I can pull up a web browser on my phone and access it no problems. This only started happening after the latest update.


I’m having the same issue in Plex version on Android 8.1.0. I can’t switch between servers from the home screen at the top anymore. I can only specify what server I want to look out through a specific media type (TV, Movies, etc.). The web browser version of Plex works intuitive and same as before.