Direct Streaming and Subtitle Sync



Since version 2.005, Direct Streaming causes subtitles to be out of sync. This is very specific and certainly a bug, as the offset is always 10 seconds - tested by changing Subtitle Offset during playback (which is a PITA btw UX wise for such big offset) - and happens on ANY video, if I choose Direct Streaming. Subtitles come in too early, always by 10 seconds. Direct Play & Transcoding always work fine.

I'm on a 2015 J Series FHD Samsung Smart TV. Firmware is 1450.

Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me? Is this a PMS issue, or something with the app?


Keep in mind that the offset you might have saved in the subtitle settings (green button during playback)
are also used when you start a transcode or direct streaming. So make sure the offset is at zero and save the settings, then try again.
Since there is only one setting for all playback modes, I can't explain why these would be different.
If you need to set an offset for subtitles, the main cause is that you just have the wrong subtitles.
They might be for the correct movie but they could be for a different release.


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Hey Orca,

Sorry for the super delayed answer to this.

The scenario is as follows, just tested it again:
- Play the movie using Direct Play, with external srt subtitles: plays fine.
- Play the same movie with the same subtitle using Direct Streaming (just change from movie pre-play screen, no other changes): the subtitles come 10s early (every time!). I can change subtitle offset to correct this, and it always needs to be to the full 10000ms.

Subtitles are correct (manually placed in the folder with the movie file, checked with my media players, and obviously are in sync when using DP).

The above goes for ANY Movie/TV Episode. I checked at least 10 different ones...

I know, I can use DP of course, and that is what I do. There are few times though, Direct Streaming is the only way to properly play a file (mostly has to do with wrong aspect ratios with DP, but that's another issue..). I was just wondering if this is a Server bug, or a Client bug, or even a TV bug.


The server doesn't use the subtitle offset, it's only used when you use the "Direct Play" subtitles.
In fact the server burns the subtitles inside of the video frames, so they can never be delayed by anything else then during the "baking" process. You could check the server forum, if this is a bug in your PMS version.


Sorry, I don't understand you exactly. How does "burning the subtitles" has to do with either Direct Play or Direct Streaming - in any case I can adjust subtitle offset on my TV app during playback via the green button, so actually they can be delayed.

No other app has subtitle sync issues (iPhone, iPad, PHT) only the Samsung TV app and only when playing a movie file using Direct Streaming.

Anyway, if that does not happen on anyone else, I guess it is a problem with my setup or a really obscure bug. I'll investigate further when I got more time. I actually Direct Play 99% of my content, so it's not a huge deal, I just thought I would report it.


i have the same issue on my apple TV 4th gen and Iphone 10, if i play x265 (HEVC) video with external subtitle while direct play is ON then the subtitle will show exactly 10 second late, and to fix this i tried turning direct play OFF on my appletv and iphone but it doesn't prevent from direct playing as in server it shows (DIRECT STREAM) so the only option that fixed my problem was to change the Burn Subtitle to Always.