Display issues on iOS 11 Safari



I’ve been using Safari to play videos on my iPad due to the bug that breaks video on iOS 11. I just started it up tonight and saw the new interface which looks great.

Unfortunately, when I start playing a movie, there are a few issues. The fullscreen button which is supposed to be next to the cast button (at least it is on my laptop) is nowhere to be found, and the video doesn’t even quite take up the full page (not to mention leaving all of the Safari chrome at the top of the screen. The black bars are just me covering up tabs/bookmarks):


I'm having the same issue. iOS 11 and Safari


I also have this issue. iOS 10.3.3 so the issue is with the new interface. Covering the bottom right corner prevents the access to the native full screen button. I just don't know if it was done in purpose to boost the app sales or just a unfortunate accident.


Same problem on iOS 11.0.2


Plex team, please fix and give us the “fullscreen” back on the web app for iOS. I’m a lifetime member and unfortunately I cannot get the AppStore app to work remotely, but the iOS safari works for me. It’s real real annoying that there is no full screen for iOS Safari. Please give it back to us.


Same problem here.

The Full screen button has dissapears and the playback is always changing size.... The problem started with the new two versions of the Plex Web App.

I have this problem in (Safari, Chrome, etc).
* iPad Air IOS 10
* iPhone 7 Plus IOS 10

Please fix that! :)


same problem here!