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Hey Everyone,


Quick question...


Is there any way to re-order the "Sort By" list such that I can have "By Folder" display on the top of the list?




Not display the other "Sort By" options such as Sort by Director / Sort by Actor / Sort by Year etc...


I really hope this isn't hard coded into Plex :(


Thanks in advance :)


interested in learning how to do this too...


No, at this time there is no customization for those folders as they are currently hard coded into the server.


that's a whole lot of scroling if I want to click on the sort by Folder


that's a whole lot of scroling if I want to click on the sort by Folder

Depends on your device, for me its only a left and up to get to it


How about an option to group/bucket by start letter... For example, I have a large media library, when browsing on my DNLA kitchen tv, I have a simple UI so it scroll, scroll, scroll. A paid if you're looking for Wombats! It would be great to have an option to enable bucketing by letter, so Artists then A, B, C, etc and then into the subset. This would reduce network traffic and minimise/simplify the database query and made selection much faster...

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That's a real shame. My media was meticulously organized before I ever heard of Plex, and all I want to do is browse my media library by folder. I don't even really want a database of any kind or any periodic scanning. I just want Plex to serve up my shared media and leave everything else alone. Is this at all possible?


Hello is there any updates to this, is it possible to set sort first by folder for example in registry?