Displaying (sub) folders of shared photo library?


I'm new to sharing Plex content so I hope you'll bear with me. I'm running the latest plex server ( ) and I am able to access the shared content as the guest however it will not categorize photos in their sub folder. I have created separate folders for vacation, hobbies, etc as well as sub folders under that for each trip, etc. winch I would like to retain for ease of navigation. This displays correctly when I view the media server photo content under my login but not under the shared guests view. Under my filtering options I have it set to All | Photors | By Name | and it shows the 17 sub folders under the photos shared library. Under my guests view I do not have this option and rather it just shows 14k+ photos sans sub folders. Messing w/ filtering options I cannot figure it out either. Is there any way to have Plex show the sub folders contents are categories in for the guest?

Thanks much



It seems I cannot edit my post but to elaborate a bit further. I would like to possibly have the shared user just see the shared folder root folders then be able to drill down just like I can as the admin when viewing and as any pc user would be familiar with in explorer. It does seem to display properly if i have the user login to the server directly but not the web app.


Yep, this is a big problem. Please bring back the “by folder” filter.
Using Plex cloud version


Well i guess that sucks then. As a work around I am just redirecting my family to my plex server directly via a host redirect. Not a good solution but it works.


I understand this is an issue with server version 1.10
As soon as server version 1.11 becomes available publicly (curently in beta) this issue will be fixed.