Dji goggles with Plex media server



Hi everyone. I just bought my dji goggles, they are shipping today and i have a question. At home i have a synology NAS with a plex media server running on it. So i thought, can you use the dji goggles to watch your movies with plex VR? If not, will this ever be available? And i don’t mean using a hdmi and a computer to watch the movies. I mean the whole plex VR package like the google daydream. So you can interact with your surroundings. That would be awesome! :)


Those goggles appear just to be screens, no app ecosystem at all. You’d need to have someone create a DJI-Daydream bridge app of some sort, using the sensors in the goggles and connecting some other device to them via a cable of some sort or just strapping the phone to the goggles and making the whole thing ungodly heavy.

Sadly, the short answer is it’s outside the control of Plex and unlikely to be practical.