DLNA Error 2006 on PS3





Since upgrading to, the PS3 client seems to time out and give the above error. works fine.




Sorry, forgot to mention that the server is running on a Synology DS2413+ with the latest 4.3 beta OS.

#3 on Windows works reasonably well with my PS3.

Error 2006 usually means a network or connectivity issue. Is it possible the upgrade coincided with some change to the network?

Are there any errors in the Plex DLNA Server.log? Is the DLNA server process staying up?



Nothing changed on the network and all is connected via Gigabit switch. I'm actually a network engineer so know I've got all of that side perfect.

Am just re-adding the sections back to the Library and will let you know how I get on.





Just had the error again with my Movies section. Quick question, how do I get the log out of the Plex on the Synology? It doesn't allow me to copy and paste.




Hello everybody. 

No news about the 2006 error?

I'm asking cuz I have a folder named 'Videoclips' with thousands of files and everytime I try to browse this folder on Plex using my PS3 I receive a "2006 error" and cannot see any file.

Any tips to help me?

Thanks a lot,

cheers from Brazil.



Btw, I'm on a wi-fi network. Unfortunately I cannot 'cablefly' my network due to rent policies :S



You may want to check the DLNA settings on the Plex server, using advanced options.  DLNA->DLNA client preferences.