dlna service memory usage? o.O



so im doing some pruning and cleaning up of a fresh windows install. (my mobo died so was time to upgrade).

i have task manager opened and dlna service is using almost a gig of memory O.o? everyone in the entire house is asleep - nobody uses dlna anyhow (i have it enabled as a JIC/cover bases type thing).

At first I assumed I had maintenence set to run now. I doubled checked my time frames and it was set to run about 11 hours ago and stop about 8 ago lol.

What im getting at is, plex is idle at current, does the dlna service really use this much memory??


I noticed this too. Restarting Plex it goes away and the service isnt even running. Why was it running when it is disabled? Why was it using 1.5 gigs of memory. Only Plex devs can find out…