DNS Requests & DHCP IP leases a plenty! DNS seems multiples per second. DHCP every few minutes.



Here’s my question upfront: I seem to be experiencing an inordinately large amount of 2 different events…should I be concerned?

These are 2 screen grabs showing the many times per second my DNSServer is getting a DNS Request and a second one showing my router logs and how often a DHCP IP lease is being issued to the Apple TV. Both to seem have started after I plugged the Apple TV in to the router with a cable instead of using wireless.

Recently (sometime this year) I got frustrated because I seemed to be getting (and waiting) “accessing trailers” more than usual but then while watching a show 1/4 in it just stopped playing and returned to the episode screen like the show had ended.

Up until that point my ATV3 was operating wireless but because I had read Ethernet was a possibility I plugged the ATV directly into my router. My PMS machine has a static IP and I added one for the ATV because it seemed a sensible thing to do.

So fine, I did not notice the improvement that I thought I might but also haven’t added the trusted IP in the PMS settings yet. Why not? Honestly because I get nervous, it’s like when I practice voodoo, I do it over and over in my mind before I cast anything. That I have been able to pervert this ATV for so long is proof in my ability to google, follow instructions and that there is divine here on earth (many blessings do I pass onto iBaa for the wisdom shared).

Seriously my wee mind is fragmented and slightly burnt at the ends. It makes no sense to me why a DHCP IP lease would be issued so frequently and so unnecessarily, I mean I don’t understand these things except that it never happens for the machine with the static ip, didn’t happen like this before for the ATV and why should it now. I think perhaps I will fire up the old telly and zonk out, maybe things will make sense when I wake up tomorrow.