Do I need to activate Plex Pass in order to use Plex Media Player on the same PC that holds PMS?



I have a Plex Media Server on a Windows 10 PC for some time. I bought the app on iOS, I bought the app on Android (i think), I use Plex inside my home only but for some reason when I downloaded Plex Media Player (from the windows store) on my Windows 10 PC (the same that holds the Plex Media Server) I was unable to play anything. It was asking me to activate Plex Media Pass. Is that normal? Can't I use Plex Media Player to play media from the same PC as the PMS without activating Plex Pass?

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The Plex app on the Windows store is horribly broken, and has not been updated in some time. You'd be better served going to and downloading Plex Media Player from there and installing. It's updated regularly, and shouldn't cost a dime.


thanks. it seems to work ok now