Do This Before You Go Crazy Trying To Solve Your Vizio Netwok Problems On Windows 10


  1. Go to your firewall. 2. For test purposes only, turn off protection for private networks. 3. Try to Log into PLEX on your Vizio. 4a. If it worked, turn that protection back on and add a rule only in the firewall inbound traffic allowing the related port to get through. You'll find the port you need by looking in your PLEX server under Settings | Server | Remote Access. You shouldn't need to worry about the IP address but, you may want to.Try to login up to 3 times if needed. Alter your settings as needed. Retry to login. Repeat until you get it right. 4b If making the private network unsecure didn't work, it's time to go crazy with all the other tips everyone else has. If I were you, I'd start with a complete un-install & complete PLEX removal from the registry followed by a restart and a re-install.