Do you like the new UI in PMP 2.1?



For me, it's completely un-usable. I've uninstalled it and moved back to 1.3.5. What do you think?

[Warning, rant ahead]

For me, 2.1 is messy. You now go Up to select the media type (movies or shows) then you have to narrow the categories from there until you choose a library. This completely defeats the purpose of creating freakin libraries in the first place. On top of this, it now shows the media of shared Plex accounts, which only adds to the clusterf*ck that is this new UI.


Please Plex watch the Orca's UI for Samsung TV HUB models, is the Best UI that you can achieve.


I really don't like it, and I have a feeling it's going to be rolled out as the new UI for all plex clients. The vertical scrolling (1 line!) for tv show seasons and episodes will drive me insane! Imagine scrolling through seasons of a show like The Simpsons?


The fact that I can't use a mouse scroll wheel in full screen mode is a deal breaker for me. I will never use full screen mode because of this.


@Thradar I believe you mean "TV full screen mode" when you say "full screen mode". The web layout has its own full-screen mode as well (i.e. try pressing Shift+F11 while in the web layout). It would indeed be nice if the TV layout had more mouse support. I primarily control PMP with a remote, but from time to time I also use a wireless touchpad for some things. Maybe one day.


Terrible! Most mouse functions don't work, it does not even display all my libraries. Unless I am missing something I can't even force it recognize a library that is on my server and works in the web interface but not the "TV Full Screen" interface. Going to uninstall and install the old version.


It's pretty bad. I think that navigating between libraries has become even more difficult, and I really dislike the fact that photo and video libraries exist in the selection bar even if you have none on any servers. The return of vertical scrolling is welcome, but only in certain contexts. It would be nice if they just added that as an option to the 1.X UI. There really wasn't a ton wrong with the old UI. It just needed some tweaks and options, not an overhaul. This version is, in any case, clunkier to use. Already went back to 1.X, personally.


Do you know what was the easiest way to get around all your media? Plex Home Theatre. Every time I try Plex Media Player I wind up straight back on Open PHT almost immediately.


I have to say i think the UI evolution has not been good at all. Current XBOX based UI is not intuitive with d-pad. This new UI, I couldn't agree more with the OP in terms of lack of intuitiveness. I also agree that ever since moving away from the original (Plex Media Theater) GUI has been worse every time.

PMT GUI was straightforward, and could have been updated to enable big posters and navigating large libraries. The new UI seems to further discourage those of us who have had servers for years with multiple movie and tv show libraries. For newer users that don't have multiple movie/tv show/home movie libraries maybe this is a slight uptick, but again, the up click to down click...its just a step backwards in my opinion. really wish they stuck with PHT for all platforms.


I really liked the PHT layout too. I agree that if you don"t have a foto's section it shouldn't be in the shortcuts. I asked for a vertical scrolling lists in all sections many times and I would still love to have that choice.


For me it's slow, buggy and inconsistent. I have libraries shared with a friend of mine, and now sometimes the home-screen shows stuff from his libraries, and sometimes from mine, it's hit&miss. In general it's also a lot slower and more sluggish, certainly on my fairly old 1st gen NUC (which is still perfectly capable of playing 1080p content) due to too much information that has to be loaded, 90% which will never be used. The place of the "continue watching" section on the home-screen is also pretty unpredictable, sometimes it's on top (where I would expect it), sometimes it somewhere down the bottom and you have to scroll for it. Of all UI updates I've seen over the years, this is by far the worst.

Next to that I've experienced some instabilities (certain key presses suddenly not being registered anymore, hangs, ...) but that's stuff that can be fixed. The UI on the other hand is a clear


I am not a fan of it. I rather use the old UI but there is no way to bring it back. I don't understand what Plex is doing. Yes many complained about the old UI but then they replaced with something worst.


I liked having the same UI on the smart TVs and the media center. Now this UI is the odd one and it isn't as smooth. At least give users the ability to chose the UI.


@Dwainn said:
I am not a fan of it. I rather use the old UI but there is no way to bring it back. I don't understand what Plex is doing. Yes many complained about the old UI but then they replaced with something worst.

If you go to the downloads page and Get an App, turn off the Plex Pass selection. It'll default (at least for me) to the Plex for Windows Store app but simply drop down the menu again and select Windows. Now it'll switch back to actual PMP but the previous 1.3.5 version which is what I've already rolled back to. And if that doesn't work, just go to the Plex Nightlies page and grab one of the previous nightlies.


@KoFFiE_ said:
due to too much information that has to be loaded, 90% which will never be used.

And with all this information that is loaded, like actor thumbnails etc, we lost the "Director" line, and it seems it's planned to be in an "expandable area". I mean... the director should be there up front with the title of the movie, not hidden in some submenu.

I know it's only a beta, so I'll wait and hope that all this gripes will eventually have an effect on the finished product. At least let's give them credit for having listened to the gripes of people who didn't like PMP 1.x. I was not one of them so right now i'm reverting to 1.x for all my clients...


I have 3 libraries, movies, tv-shows and anime. in old design i could see all 3 and switch between them, now tv-shows and animeis in one library and have to do additional actions to select tv-shows insrtead of anime, it's frustrating!


If they just moved the “menu” from the top back to the left side. It would make it a lot better. I wouldn’t mind having everything the way it is. Just have it go side to side. Not up and down with the whole menu


The whole home page of the new PMP goes against all design rules that have been tried and tested for decades... I havent really gone into any libraries, i was stomped by the home screen.

Best part of it is that Plex devs are adamant that its the best implementation since sliced bread. When i brought to their attention that my girlfriend after 5 minutes gave up looking for her 'Home Videos' library section - they've asked if I had shown her the help screen (the one that indicates that the libraries are hidden away on top - segregated by random (to her) icons). Enough said.

If you need help screen or manual to start browsing a fricking media center - you're doing it wrong.

Unless they make PMP skinable, I cant see myself ever using PMP.
Plex clearly has vision that fits certain demographic (the ones that have gazilion shared servers) and we are small minority ( those of us who run their own servers, maybe share occasionally server with family )


@wally007 said:
If you need help screen or manual to start browsing a fricking media center - you're doing it wrong.

This is even more frustrating if you consider that Plex for Kodi basically did everything right, and was much better than this to navigate. Just let people choose whether they want aggregated libraries or not, or even better put an "advanced setting" to allow custom order, collate, aggregation of libraries. Make it hidden from "common people" who only have to decide whether they want all libraries or grouped libraries.


I cannot imagine sitting down in front of this new UI and enjoying my experience. Its just bad.