Does anyone have a problem with your cursor in windows disappearing.



The cursor will disappear and leave the user not being able to select anything in the Plex window. outside the Plex window the cursor still works. this issue comes and goes and can not fin anything repeatable, it decides when to not work.


I have the exact opposite that the cursor sometimes doesn’t dissapear when it is meant to. I think it is a bug in the program where it doesn’t reinstate/remove the cursor correctly. I’ll add it to my bug list as I don’t think it is there yet. Now that I have heard of the exact opposite happening I presume there is some page/area of the app where the cursor gets its state changed.
If you want to try to achieve the other side, might I suggest you delete the app, clear all of its contents from %AppData%, restart and then reinstall, it is likely that the other way around (cursor always there) is more likely than the other way around.