does it really help to add a separate drive for trans-coding?



i have a small but seemly powerful Linux machine with a pass-mark rating of 1549 and im having issues with being able to stream more than 2 or 3 movies at the same time both remote and at home keep getting the popup that my CPU isn't fast enough to stream at this quality so im wondering if having a second drive for trans-coding would help or to just breakdown and find something with a bit more power i have at any given time 3 or 4 users on the server and would really like to know if a second HDD for trans-coding is that much better and what would be a good jumping off place for a pass-mark number thanks


If you're doing DirectPlay only, a Passmark rating of 800 is enough for a few streams.
If you're converting audio (DirectStream), you will run out of CPU quickly. This happens frequently on smaller NAS units.
Full up transcoding will have issues at more than 1 (video) transcode.

Adding a second drive doesn't help. You need CPU power, not storage.


Adding another drive wont help you in anyway if you CPU can't handle it. Try to avoid transcoding when you are at home.
Most clients can direct play that would make your CPU life easier. You could also optimize some of your media if you have enough storage. Or you could get more powerful server...