Does PLEX automatically compress video files to accommodate streaming?



So I'm running Plex on an Nvidia Shield, that I recently bought, that is running a gigabit ethernet connection. I have 80GB 10 bit 4k HDR files I want to stream but I'm worried about not getting 1:1 quality.

So my question is, even if you have plex settings to run on the original quality will it truly be the full quality or will there still be some loss even with a high-end connection to accommodate streaming?


Here's where you need to do some proverbial "math." Since you're running the Shield, odds favor your file should be compatible and Direct Play, but if there's something off, Plex will try to transcode... which, with 4k could stop the whole show.

The easiest way to tell what you're getting, is to run the file, and check the playback on Plex Web. It will tell you if you're truly in a Direct Play scenario or if it's reconfiguring the file in some way.


Or you can turn on the information overlay and just look on the Shield while the video is playing.


Okay I did that and it said direct play. So that means it's playing it at a 1:1 quality? Geez that's hard to believe with a 10 bit, 80gb 4k file.