Does Plex change original files?



I'm sorry if this information is answered elsewhere...but I need to be sure.
Does Plex alter any aspect of the original files, i.e. file name, location, Metadata, etc etc?
I ask this because I've spent much time organising my music files and rather think Windows Media Player did make unwanted changes on one occasion.
I'm perfectly happy for Plex to create and organise a library on my behalf.
Thanks for your help.


Plex never changes, deletes, moves, or in any other manner modify any original media files!!!
Optimized files are copies created from the original and stored separately.


Plex doesn’t change your content.
However you might want to look into the support pages about Media Preparation. Plex requires files to be named according to a set of patterns to be able to properly match them. If your files don’t comply with those rules, you can still have Plex organize your library… however this will require some extra effort of correcting mismatched titles.