Does Plex for Kodi work with Openelec?



Hi there, I tried to install Plex for Kodi on Openelec (latest version) on an Intel NUC with i3. Unfortunately I get an error message 'Dependancies not met'. Thanks in advance!


Works fine on a Pi 3 with LibreELEC so I would’ve thought so.


Sometimes OpenELEC has dependencies issues, so try to install a random add-on from the Kodi repo, if that works, go back to the zip file and try it.

We know LibreELEC works for sure and I encourage all folks to move in that direction, since OpenELEC really isn’t maintained anymore.


Thanks for your reply! I didn’t know OpenELEC wasn’t really maintained anymore so I will follow your advice and move to LibreELEC and give it another try :slight_smile:


Installed LibreELEC and can confirm it works :slight_smile: Awesome work! Reading up on the forum on what the updates are.


Glad you got it working, enjoy!