Does Plex VR support external storage on a mobile device?



When I browse my local device through Plex VR, it does not see my external storage. I am using a USB C OTG adapter with a Pixel 2 XL. The phone sees the USB stick and can play content off it no problem. Taking that same content and moving it to my internal storage, it'll play. My goal is to only play content off of the USB stick, not internal storage.
For the record, I've tried another app (Skybox) and it's the same. Asked them the same question, no reply yet.
Just wondering if this is a limitation of the App or if there are some workarounds.


Unfortunately, the Android "MediaStore" functionality that we use in the app does not return USB devices as storage locations (just internal storage or SD Cards). It's an Android limitation. We're certainly interested in trying to work around that limitation, but we don't have any specific information to share, sorry.