Does Plex work with the Apple TV app?



Finally the Apple TV app is coming to the UK, so I'm finally tempted to pick up an Apple TV, but I'm not clear on how well Plex integrates with this app, if at all? Can anyone explain?



You need to have a PMS (Plex Media Server) installed in order to use this App on the Apple TV.
You can download a free version and see if it suits your needs.
You can pay for plex pass which gives you additional features like LiveTV .


I have PMS on a Ubuntu box and a nexus player and I'm thinking about replacing it with a new Apple TV 4K. WIll Plex on ATV work aout of the box just like on Android ?


You will need to keep your PMS on Ubuntu and make sure remote access is enabled which sounds like you already do.
And yes you just install the App on ATV and launch and follow the prompts like on Android and it will tie into your Plex Server running on Ubuntu.


Hi there.

I'm a long-time Plex user, I currently have a server running on my NAS. My question was regarding integration with the Apple TV app on the Apple TV 4/4K.


It won't work. I'm in Canada and we're getting it now, too. But, I've tried the TV app out and the way it works is it gets the information from the sources rather than locally. Since everyone has a different Plex library, it wouldn't be able to get that information. Where a streaming service has all of the same titles for all users in a given region, it can send available shows through the Internet. I think it is similar to how the Siri Remote works. If you ask it to tell you a show, it can bring up what is in the iTunes Store or Netflix, but it can't tell you what is in your Plex library


Plex for Apple TV is just a client for Plex that runs on 4th generation Apple TV's and later. You still need a system running Plex Media Server to serve up the media, metadata, catalogue etc.

Is that what you're talking about by "the Apple TV app"? Has Plex for Apple TV not been available in the UK until now? It's been available in Australia from release.

Or by "the Apple TV app" are you referring to Apple's "TV" app? If this is the case, I believe that works via online catalogues similar to Siri searches, so has no way to know anything about your local media collections. Apple have not offered up a way for other companies with no online media catalogues to integrate their systems in to it.


No, the TV app does not support Plex. It requires Apple to code support for various services, so don't ever expect it to support Plex. So you'll have to stick with Plexs own app.

Unfortunately, the Plex app on the Apple TV also seem to be dying out.. No new features for 5 months, with no meaningful bug fixes in the same periode. :(


Okay, thanks everyone!


Is the Apple TV App the shell for Apple TV?