Does Web App Support Gapless Audio Playback?



I'm looking for a way to listen to music (FLAC files), in a windowless / minimised manor (on a Mac). I'm thinking the web app might be the obvious choice, but am concerned that playback might not be gapless.


Unfortunately playback isn't gapless on web as yet. Sorry!


Are there any plans to implement the feature?


+1 for gapless web-playback.
Same idea as 5M177Y, cant find a better player than the web interface on mac! Also tried Plex Media Player - in window mode, but it hijacks the audio from all other apps.


+1 for this. I always assumed I must have configured my library in a less than optimal way, or was otherwise missing something basic. Pretty shocked to see this as a straight-up unsupported feature.

Gapless playback has been a 'goes-without-saying' standard in every audio player for a long, long time. iTunes (!!) the bastion of cutting-edge boundary-pushing new features (ha!) implemented this TEN YEARS ago (source). And of course players like Foobar, Spotify & etc all support this extremely basic feature and have for a very long time.

Perhaps the devs could give this a read.


+1 for gapless playback on web as well.

This is really my only issue with Plex. I listen to a lot of live recordings, and the gap between songs really takes away from the feel of them.


+1 from me, also. I have a lot of electronic albums with tracks mixed together, and it would be great to not have the gap of silence in between such tracks.


+1 for gapless


+1 for gapless audio


+1000 for gapless audio.
I’m listening lately to a lot of older concept albums and it really hurts…


Gapless Playback is next-to-impossible to achieve in a web browser.

However, Gapless Playback is on our radar for support in Plex Media Player. However I have no ETA on when.


Will be looking forward to this. I was actually about to push the button on purchasing a plex pass when it occurred to me that I should make sure gapless playback is supported first.

Best of luck. Hope to be getting this soon.


+1 for gapless playback! :slight_smile:


+1 have a lot of nonstop mixes, so this would be great


Please add gapless playback. Thanks


Add me to the folks with gapless playback on their wish list.


add another vote for gapless playback!


I would probably buy a Plex Pass if this were added.


You can also try Plexamp for better audio support/gapless -