Doesn't Plex support casting DTS 5.1 to Chromecast Ultra?



I just bought Chromecast Ultra today.
I've connected it to my Onkyo Reciever.
Playing a video from plex that has AC3 5.1 works fine, but a movie with DTS 5.1 does not.
Why is that?


The Chromecast itself does not support DTS.
Plex should transcoded though.


Seems like every videofile since, with DTS has worked fine. I'll do some more investigation if it happens again.


Here is a hack/work around. It's not very practical:


For me it’s the other way round

When it’s DD etc, you only hear the sound, but you can not get any picture.
When i lower the quality I get both sound and image but the sound is lowered to PCM on my amplifier

I’m running via the app on my Philips 65pus8601 which has the latest android version.
I have pass through on auto and audio quality on original.

Is this something you can solve yourself or do they need to improve the app ?!
Seems like this problem has existed throughout 2016 and 2017, but it never gets resolved it seems like?

I apologize for my rusty English. But I hope you understand me anyway.